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Meet Hana- the Scottish fold breed cat from Japan that concerned grow rather an excellent fan base upon Instagram. This Adorable Cat is Instagram celebrity who will melt your heart. One point is without a doubt, she looks charming in anything that she does

The 3-year-old kitty has captivated over 300k Instagrammers’ hearts with her adorably cosy hair and also large eyes. Her daily life includes snuggling about, taking a snooze, being charming, and also socializing with her buddy the bird named Sai! Yes, you review that properly. Unlike various other felines, Hana not only lets the little birdy reside in tranquility yet she has fun with him too! What a charming as well as unanticipated relationship, huh? You can find Hana’s Instagram here!

1.Hana is just 3 years old

Hana cat japan pook

2. In some cases she can have a human sitting manner..

Hana cat japan pook 3

3. She is cut isn’t it?! ❣

Hana cat japan pook2

4. My name is hana 😍

Hana cat japan pook4

5. I am not the Grumpy Cat!..😂

Hana cat japan pook 5

6. Winter is coming they told me..! Just play before it’s too cold.

Hana cat japan pook

7.Can You see me?

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Pook – Pook

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